Our energy and related production performance dashboards provide three main sets of functionality:


Our customers can monitor critical operational processes and activities using metrics of energy and process performance that trigger alerts when problems arise.


They can analyse the root cause of problems by presenting relevant and timely information from multiple perspectives and at various levels of detail.


ECS Dashboards allow our customers to manage people and processes to improve decisions, optimise energy performance, avoid costs and steer the operation in the right direction.


ECS dashboards deliver the right information to the right users at the right time to optimise decisions and improve operational efficiency. This information is presented in a unique monitoring format as well as directed analytics, such as: performance colour coding, selectable summary statistics, simulation models, and statistical process control - the results of which are reduced energy costs, emissions and avoided operational costs.

ECS performance dashboards are proven to accelerate results through the delivery of actionable information.

This actionable information is uniquely presented : process models are used to facilitate estimation of what the process performance should be versus the actual measured performance - basically the performance change is specifically identified. This allows for significant information gain and understanding. This is especially valuable in complex production processes, where process managers need to understand what has changed and why the performance change occurred.
ECS dashboards specifically support management of continuous improvement by providing functionality for intervention action tracking and performance views of these actions. There is a maintained history of change and what actions were directed towards the change - the result of which is embedded best practice knowledge.