The ECS SmartRoad offer uses unique processes and systems to monitor, capture and report on defects on haul roads. This application makes use of state of the art technology to remotely monitor and report road conditions.

This makes possible the deployment of a dashboard to mine managers to enable them to:

  • Track near to real time road functionality and areas of greatest concern
  • Optimally schedule maintenance to such sections of the road
  • Save money from pro-active management of haul roads
  • Ensure safety of haul road users

Monitoring is done via road audit. Specialised handheld devices are used by operators to capture road defects and these are synchronised to the relevant servers. This can be done off- or on-line. These data are then integrated and transformed to produce a report on the dashboard.

Some of the reports currently shown are:

  • Defects by segment, road or route
  • Severity of the defects
  • Fixed defects (Also current and total defects)
  • Historical reports etc


 The GIS-based SmartRoad solution includes live visualisation of the road network via a visually interactive reporting dashboard, a fully integrated Workflow Managment System that ensures seamless allocation of road audit and maintenance tasks, and more.

See our information sheet and our brochure for a detailed overview:


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