Connecting energy management to sustainable business performance

Delivering sustainable energy improvements through technical and technology solutions in your key energy focus areas – strategy and policy, audits, management information systems, training and awareness, project development and implementation.

Visibly getting it right, first time, every time

A solution set for all your transport logistics and mobile workforce management needs: Delivering complete visibility, compliance and verified information to eliminate waste, and improve accuracy, productivity and resource utilisation.

Sustainably measure and manage emissions

A comprehensive set of solutions and services to help you manage and reduce your operation’s carbon impact: Delivering actionable information and improvements in your emissions.

Visual road maintenance & performance management

A unique solution for visual condition monitoring and maintenance management of your unpaved mining road network: Delivering sustainable road usage performance improvements and reduced cost of road ownership.


Energy and Combustion Services Technology Solutions Development (Pty) Ltd, known as ECS, is a focused technology company delivering high-performance energy and emissions management solutions to customers ranging from large industrial and mining companies to commercial sites. In operation since 1996, ECS serves customers throughout southern Africa. Associated shareholders include Masana Petroleum Solutions, Ata Capital, Kwande Capital, and Identity Capital Partners.

Our range of products and professional services is focused on energy and emissions management. We pride ourselves on being expert Energy Management and Measurement and Verification specialists who are able to help our customers to connect energy efficiency to sustainable business performance.


NEWSFLASH: ECS currently has a vacancy for a Developer.  See more details here.

We have a reputation for innovation and are able to use cutting-edge technology such as performance visualisation tools to provide verifiable and understandable results.

With all our customers, we focus on understanding customer expectations and their 'Jobs to be Done'. While all our offers focus on energy management, they vary widely depending on the needs of our customers. Broad areas are: Energy Management (ECS Energy Express, Energy Plus), Energy Auditing (SmartAudit), Carbon and Emissions Management, Fleet and Mobile Technology (GreenFleet, SmartLog, GreenServe), and Road Maintenance and Performance Management (SmartRoad).

ECS: ENERGY COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2016!  ECS was proud to receive this award at the SAEEC Conference in November 2016, having demonstrated outstanding overall performance achievments in the energy industry in southern Africa.


ECS is a SANAS Accredited Inspection Body (Type A), the scope being for 'The supply of services as an Inspection Body for the Measurement, Verification and Reporting of Energy Efficiency in Systems, Processes and Facilities.'