It is often believed that becoming more environment-friendly increases costs without delivering immediate financial benefits. At ECS we challenge that belief. We can help you ‘Measure to Manage', thereby keeping you competitive and saving you money. ECS has the experience, skills, and capability to facilitate savings when we implement a reduction project, and can provide verifiable evidence of success.

Why do you need ECS for Carbon and Emissions Management?

The National Climate Change Response Green Paper highlights these issues:

  • Probable implementation border tax adjustments
  • Continued implementation and escalation of carbon tax to price carbon
  • Probable ambitious and mandatory targets for energy efficiency
  • Availability of tax deductions for energy savings and energy efficiency projects

In light of the above it is critical that companies embark on energy and carbon management planning as soon as possible to mitigate risk associated with climate change. The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol allows for relevant, complete, consistent, transparent and accurate reporting of GHG emissions and guides reduction strategy planning. Energy and emissions reporting compliant with King III and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) stem directly from the results found using the GHG Protocol.

Areas of Operation

Carbon & Emissions Management is relevant for Fleet, Mining, Freight, Factories, Buildings and Retail industries.

Risk Calculator

Try our Energy and Carbon at Risk Calculator to see the true financial impact of a project - to help you to understand the cost of waste and how to convert waste into savings.

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