Solutions Connecting You to Your Logistics Operations

GreenFleet provides you with operational visibility and control of your transport operations – by connecting your transport scheduling to your mobile workforce workflow management.

Connecting You to Your Inspection Data

SmartLog is for businesses that need to electronically document, retrieve and review inspection information: from manufacturing operations to statutory compliance and vehicle safety inspections.

Connecting You to Your Mobile Workforce

GreenServe is for businesses where there is a need to plan, execute, control and improve field service operations – from equipment rental and service operations through to facilities maintenance.

Technology Management
Simplifying Sustainable Technology Adoption

Providing our customers with a fully integrated and single source of technology management and systems support: delivering sustainable performance from our technology deployments.

can help companies manage "invisible" employees.

“Field service operations usually don’t respond to conventional productivity-improvement programs, because managers have difficulty coordinating the work of employees they can’t see on the job.

A new approach relies on real-time data from the field to inform a dynamic dispatch/call centre that helps managers raise utilisation rates by identifying capacity in the workforce and reassigning field technicians.

A flexible approach to scheduling work and an ambitious and realistic plan for booking it help to fill available capacity. Combined with a sophisticated approach to forecasting demand, these changes can dramatically improve productivity by raising  the number of assignments that field technicians can undertake in a typical day, reducing waiting times, and improving customer service.”

McKinsey Quarterly’s "Improving Field Service Productivity"



There are no complicated, unclear and exhausting information technology projects. The solutions have been designed and developed for simplicity – both in implementation and in use.


Innovative design and customer focused development has enabled service technicians, inspectors, drivers, operators, dispatchers, supervisors and managers to rapidly adopt the solution to get their daily jobs done  – resulting in early delivery of the benefits and value from using the solution effectively.


Implementation and support is managed via a transparent contract management process to ensure sustainable business operational transformation that delivers real value. With ECS's Mobility Solutions you are not on your own: throughout the engagement term, our specialists support you in every aspect of the implementation and operation.