ECS acknowledges that climate change poses a significant challenge to humanity. We provide innovative products and solutions to our customers for energy and associated emissions reductions and operational improvements. Our customers not only reduce their emissions - they also sustainably improve their financial performance and operational excellence. We have helped our large industrial and mining customers consistently reduce their specific carbon emissions by 8% - 15% over the last 8 years. ECS is contributing significantly to reducing the effects of climate change through our innovative offers - but is this enough?

Dr Mark Rawlins, Managing Director, explains:

"Helping our customers sustainably reduce their carbon footprint is not enough. At ECS, we acknowledge that during the course of our business operations we contribute to global emissions through the fuel used in our company land and air travel; the electricity consumed at our offices and data centres; the paper we use; and the waste we produce. We have therefore taken the steps of measuring the carbon footprint of our own operations and have committed to reducing their effects - proving that we are serious about living to the promise we make to our customers. We are therefore proud to be among the first companies in South Africa to be accredited as Carbon Neutral for our operations."

Saving the carbon you can and offsetting the rest provides a further license to operate. For ECS this is no different from the other licenses we have to operate i.e. our quality assurance, health and safety and socio-economic development and employment equity programmes.

Some background:

Every year since 2009, our carbon footprint was measured - covering Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Even though ECS has its own specialist team of certified energy managers and measurement and verification professionals, our carbon footprint has been validated by Cleaner Climate an independent carbon specialist. This process is in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting Standard. ECS chose to invest in high quality carbon credits accredited to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), as this ensures that the offsets we purchase verifiably deliver their expected environmental benefits.

We offset our 2009 and our 2010 carbon footprint using pre-CDM VCS certified carbon credits from a mini-hydro project in rural India. Our 2011 carbon footprint was offset using carbon credits from the Shangyi Manjing East Windfarm Project and the Bangkok Kamphaeng Saen East Landfill Gas to Electricity Project, there being no South African projects available. The project chosen for 2012 was Baragran Hydro Electric Project in India, and for 2013 the two projects chosen were the Thailand Landfill Gas Waste to Energy Project, and KKK Hydro Power Renewable Energy Project in India. The choice for 2014 was once again the Shangyi Manjing Project.

Download the Cleaner Climate Verification Letter for 2009



Going forward, ECS continues to look at ways of reducing our emissions from the 3 Scopes, and is implementing an emissions reduction plan which has seen us use 29.12 tonnes of CO2 less in one year than if we had carried on business as usual.

Reducing emissions not only avoids the negative consequences of climate change, but benefits us all by creating a low-carbon future that ensures a smarter, cleaner and more resource-efficient and sustainable world.

We encourage and challenge our customers, suppliers and associates to consider reviewing their own operations, from carbon footprint calculation through to offsetting, so that we can all become part of the solution.