ECS - Computerworld Honors ProgramIn June 2014, ECS was proud to be one of the first organisations in South Africa to be accredited by SANAS (The South African National Accreditation System) as a Type A Inspection Body. The scope is for:

The supply of services as an Inspection Body for the Measurement, Verification and Reporting of Energy Efficiency Savings in Systems, Processes and Facilities. 

This is according to Measurement Methodology as defined by SANS 50010: 2011.

ECS subscribes to the Independence requirements for Inspection Bodies, as stated in SANS 17020:2012, Annex A.

We are able to assist with both 12L and 12I tax incentives.

Other services include: Energy Auditing, M&V Pre-qualification, and Energy metering and data acquisition.

The diagram below illustrates the M&V Process we follow. (Credit: GSEP EMWG M&V Task Force, 2014: Measurement & Verification Process for Calculating and Reporting on Energy and Demand Performance - General Guidance)

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